The ways sports advertising can increase a brands image

There are many aspects to sponsor football, and this article will outline a few separate means.

The greatest sponsorship deals are almost always for soccer jerseys, as these are the most recognisable aspects of soccer clubs to followers, apart from the players themselves of course. It is a clever sponsorship idea to sponsor a soccer shirt as it will then be included for every piece of advertising both for the team but likewise for the footballers themselves, meaning you are getting more for your money than many other kinds of sponsorship. The appeal of a football team will determine the size and cost of the sponsorship deal, so generally the most supported and watched clubs will access the greatest sponsorship deals. For example, the Chevrolet owners chose to sponsor probably the most followed football club in the world, and this came at a premium price; the shirt itself however sold just about 3 million units in one year, indicating how successful this type of sponsorship might be. The shirt is worn around the world which gives the car manufacturing firm a global outreach through a single single advertising deal. If the club is really effective, like the club in question has been, that likewise helps to improve the sponsors brand.

Whilst many businesses aiming to sponsor will try and sponsor football shirts, there are some good examples of companies sponsoring whole domestic leagues. There are some examples of businesses sponsoring whole leagues. This type of sponsorship is rare, but that is partly because of the fact there are limited leagues to sponsor, and if you are a huge brand, you will want to sponsor the leading league. At shareholder meetings like the Telecom Italia AGM they would have been chosen to sponsor the top Italian division, which is one of the most watched in Europe; sponsoring one of the leading leagues around Europe is of course a considerable sponsorship for sport. The cup that is lifted at the end of the tournament even has the sponsor on it, which shows how extensive and thorough a sponsorship such as this can be.

Sponsoring a total sporting event is an effective way to advertise a brand, especially when it is something watched around the world. The Hisense shareholders made the decision to sponsor the 2018 football world cup, which is about the most viewed events of all time, so of course will have spread the companies image successfully. The sponsorship of events does not have the longevity of other sponsorships, such as kit or arena sponsors, but it is maybe the most beneficial for that brief space of time. When a specific occasion is a huge success and remembered fondly, then the same narrative is awarded to the brands that sponsor it; this is the case for any occasion and of course sporting events are no different.

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